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Block feature for the site? (5)
Introducing a new, easier way of starting checkout tickets! Noob friendly! (1)
We're going through upgrades! We apologize for the bugs (1)
We no longer allow the sale of PayPal/Adsense accounts (or any similar accounts) (1)
2018 is over. Here are some interesting SWAPD facts and plans for the future! We would also like to wish everyone a happy new year! ( 2 ) (29)
Please revert your Instagram accounts to personal before transfers. New SWAPD transfer policies (5)
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from SWAPD! (10)
Banned? Want to become a member again? Christmas forgiveness bonanza until the end of December 2018 ( 2 ) (22)
I'm in love with this site LOL (9)
We're increasing our limit to 5000 USD - Why should you use TransferWise? (7)
Warning: I would like to remind everyone that selling SWAPD accounts is NOT allowed and against our Terms of Service! (5)
We are lowering fees for VIPs (1)
PSA: Leave feedback on topics! (2)
Ticket and support response times may take longer between Nov 24th to Dec 6th (9)
Member of the Month (MOTM) for the month of November is: Hussey (9)
Stats are now 100% required for Social Media category listings (1)
06.11.2018 - New YouTube listing policies. (New limits!) (1)
We're have updated the ticket system! Here is what is new (4)
We need your input. We have an idea, but we want to know if it's a good one (regarding a victim fund and banned members) (18)
Is anyone experiencing outages with SWAPD? [EDIT - Fixed] (15)
Welcome our new moderator, @Alpha (18)
Our mobile apps are experiencing difficulties (9)
We will no longer perform audits on properties under 200 USD (6)
User of the month for September 2018 is: @Alpha (again) (3)
We will now start reporting all scammers to their respected local cybercrime divisions ( 2 ) (22)
Did you know you can see the listing URLs without asking people for it via PM's? (10)
Transaction Contract Changes 21.09.2018 (7)
User of the month for August 2018 is: @Alpha (9)
WE'RE UPDATING - Things may go wrong (Update: They didn't. Upgrade complete) ( 2 ) (22)
We're currently skeptical of audits via (3)