1,000,000 impressions contest! Win a 100 USD voucher + a VIP membership!

As of last night, we’ve officially passed one million views! To celebrate, we’re launching a small contest. The grand prize is a 100 USD voucher (which is redeemable for cash) and a lifetime VIP membership! VIP membership is currently awarded to people who spend/sell in large quantities on our website. However, in the future, VIP membership will be a paid feature. Winning this contest means you won’t have to pay a dime! So far, the VIP gives you the ability to view listing URLs/@handles within the topic, so no need to PM the seller. We plan to add future perks to the VIP status, so this gift will just keep on rewarding.

You will also get a snazzy VIP icon next to your SWAPD username! You will no longer be a peasant! (Bad joke, I know.)

So, how do you win this amazing gift that keeps on giving? Since this is a contest you will have to work for it, but don’t worry, the rules are simple. Just invite your friends to SWAPD, that’s it. The member with the highest amount of invites wins! Sending an invite is as easy as entering your friends’ email, that’s it! In order for the invite to qualify, the person has to register, verify their email, and verify their phone number. All invites are saved on your member profile, so we will know who invited the most members. It will help if the people you’ve invited aren’t just invited for the win. We are looking for new members who would be interested in buying/selling virtual assets, and not ghost accounts who just registered so you could win.

So, how do you invite someone?

It’s easy. Just go to your profile settings and click Invites > Send an Invite.

Next, enter your friends’ email and hit send or copy the invite link.

Easy, right? Just so we’re all on the same page, here are the contest rules in detail.

Contest rules.

  1. You must reply to this topic to qualify. Simply let us know that you’re ready to play, so we can start tracking your activity.
  2. Only invite people who are interested in this field. Registering your mom really won’t help anyone :smiley:
  3. Do not cheat. We know if you use a VPN, and we can verify phone numbers. The registrations must be genuine.
  4. An invited member has to confirm their email and phone number.
  5. Play fair, don’t use shady tactics.
  6. Contest ends January 15th! We will add up all the invites at the end of the day.

Thank you and good luck!


Cool, I’m in :slight_smile:

I m in :slight_smile:

I’m in :slight_smile: also, how do you keep logged in to this site, I used to always be logged in but now every time I leave i’m logged out

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We’ve had some updates recently, and everytime that’s done, we all get logged out. Sorry about that! That should be limited for now.

Ok, thank you


Only three members signed?

Keep in mind new players have to reply this topic first.

I am in too

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I’m in as well!

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Congratulations on 1,000,000 impressions. Cheers


Thank you @gilly!


count me in for this awesome giveaway I just joined here I’m here to sell my pages




Tomorrow is the last day, yo!

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I was very excited to participate, but I do not have the button to invite my friends :frowning:

Because you’re a new member, and you have to be here a while to participate. Your trust score is too low (for now).

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We will add up the invites tomorrow morning CET! Stay tuned for updates.


THE WINNER IS Jeronimo034 !

Thank you for playing. Jeronimo034, you now have 100 USD credit. If you would like to cash it out, PM me your PayPal address.

Thanks to everyone for playing :slight_smile:

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