1 000 000 USD Reward? Need ideas

With the way some of our members are selling, the 1M USD club will be a thing soon. We would love to hear some ideas, how can we give recognition to such power sellers?

The best idea will win something, just don’t know what yet. Any ideas? :smiley:


As in what name the club should be or what reward they should get?

By the way, we’ve promised a trip to the Maldives to the first person who reaches the 1M club. However, we can’t do that every time, it’s not in the budget. We need something down to earth yet worth having.

@SocialTuber - What reward and possible perks.

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Name could be “Club Olympus” or “Olympus Club” as they are the chosen ones to reach a very great goal of 1M (just like the gods that were allowed to enter olympus were just a few)
Regarding a price, it has to be more special than the diamond club one yet not too expensive so I would say what about an handmade painting about SWAPD and their achievement, this would be really cool for in any kind of setup

Regarding perks: maybe give them fee deduction(not too much lol), very cheap auctios access (when they come in the future) and a really great badge


Is a reward a must?
If yes then make a gold necklace for them swapd themed or something


A trip would be awesome


Create a limited and unique collection of NFTs, an individual piece of this collection will be given only to the people who achieve this milestone.

“Modern rewards require modern solutions” :slight_smile:

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Sorry for my bad edit , I am not good at edit. I was unable to upload photo by phone and if you can’t see full photo , please use PC. :smiley:


The trip to Maldives will be issued only to the first person who reaches the 1m club :slight_smile:


With all the PR services around, I’d say add this person to the frontpage of Forbes magazine with a superhero cape and Swapd logo.


Win-win for the platform and the seller :clown_face:



Make them Platinum Members and offer them 2% cashback, after every 3 months, on the Fees they have paid or send them Surprise Gifts and say Thank You to them in an Open Thread here. Also display a watermark Tag to their profiles, Among TOP-5. Give them a Round and bigger size Profile pic.

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Send them to the moon with bezos :rocket:

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Still waiting for more ideas, noobs!

personal NFT as a extra would be pretty legit IMO. Maybe a stock?

More like a sock!


Pay @Oh.its.snow to give them a private show,
If its a woman get @RandyMarsh


How about a featured store for 6-12 months but with a custom page layout, a dedicated team for check out to make checkouts quicker (maybe a 24 hour chat to accomodate all timezones).

That $1M could turn into $2M quick in 6-12 months.