1.15M Facebook Page With Trademark And Domain - Very Active



Hi scott, can you please send me the link and your demand. Thank you


can you please send me link and price


Scot, can you please send me the link?


Hi. Csn i know your expected price for this. Thanks.


link and pric epls


This is an excellent page, added a spotlight tag.


That’s awesome. Thank you.


Hi Everyone,

I just want to provide an update. Thank you for the offers that have come in so far. I really appreciate them. It looks like there is a lot of interest in our page.

We had a great weekend with some posts reaching in the millions. Here are a couple of the highlights:

3.8 million reach with almost 44,000 shares:

2.4 million reach with 27,000 shares:

1 million people with almost 13,000 shares:


970,000 reach with 7,600 shares:

Over 900,000 reach:

Remember, these are just from March 2 to March 4. There are many other posts that reach into the hundred thousands.

I would like to clarify something. The managers/editors are not under any contract. It’s up to you if you want to keep them or not. I would recommend keeping them as they do a lot of the work for you and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Send me your questions if you have any.

Thank you,


Hi Scott please send me link and price, thank you! Colin


Could u please send me link and price


Link and best offer.


hi can i see the link and price. i will buy it inmidiatelly


hi can you send link and best offer


link and best offer, im interested.


Page url and price please


Can you please send link and price? Thanks


link n price, please pm


Please could you send a link and price please. Very interested!


Hi, can you send me the link and top offer? I’m HIGHLY interested in buying this! Thank you very much, looking forward to your feedback.


I would like to thank everyone for their interest and offers. I really appreciate them. This page is now pending sale.