1,2M Instagram Account


I want to sell my Instagram account.

Number of followers: 1.2M
Number of shares: 0 (deleted all)
Majority of followers: India
Does it include the OG (original) email: No
Promotion methods used: not used.

Price: $ 4000

PM for username. Insights low because all shares deleted.
You can ask questions in your mind

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active topic

Niche and username. Cheers

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Are these all bots

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All shares deleted. and I haven’t been sharing for 1 year.

Bro You changed the niche of account bro

Give former username of account

Still same?

Bro give me former username from your Instagram account


pm @

Pm link

price firm? or negotiable?

link ? and stats

Price ?? 2k


can you give me handle name

Can I see handle and best price