1.32M subscribers VERIFIED Youtube channel For sale

Amount of subscribers: 1.32M
Country of subscribers (majority): INDIA,INDONESIA
Topic/Niche: Entertainment
Promotion methods used? (Organic)

Description: I want to sell my you tube Channel Which has 1.32M Subscribers & 608.4 M Views
Current monetization status is DISABLED, I have earned a Good Income From This Channel In The Past . The channel is outstanding. No copyright strikes, no warnings. Everything is good. It has Received Silver Button & Gold Button From Youtube .You Can get This Channel Monetized After Buying


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Link please

Link and why it is not monetized

Send me the link and let me know if the price is negotiable…

Link please

Buttons included?

Buttons not included

Please answer direct message

Link pls, very interested

Hello Jigar,

Ca you send me the link of the channel and also what is your best price?

Rajiv V

hi rajiv
I have sent the link

Nice offer. Very interested. Please send me the handle or link.

Link please :slight_smile:

PM details. Can you tell why it is demonetized? And also what type of entertainment videos you post?


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