1.5M Humor Page | Created in 2012 | 78% Women |1M+ Tier 1 Audience

Country of followers (majority): USA 875k
Amount of followers: 1.5M
Topic/Niche: Humor
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Orgaaaanic

Hello beautiful people,
The page I’m selling is all you need to step up your media publishing game :wink: it has good reach and engaging audience ( Premium Countries ).
It’s good for driving traffic to your website. Lately i haven’t been posting any links on it but back then it used to have link reach above 100k 200k sometimes more than that ( not sure about now as fb reach has dropped drastically )

It has no rename, merge or link ghost bans
Adbreak was approved but it is ineligible because my country doesn’t support adbreaks yet.

It had two violations for nudity and sexual content. ( You don’t have to worry, the page is safe. 2 violations doesn’t effect the page that much, it’s just the content which got removed, that’s it. **UPDATE: VIOLATIONS/ STRIKES HAVE BEEN REMOVED. THE PAGE QUALITY IS CLEAR NOW.

You don’t get such big pages with premium audience everyday on the market for sell :wink: don’t miss it!


Hey, can you pm me link and can you get a better photo of the analytics please?

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Link please

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Link plz…would love to buy this page :slight_smile:

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Pm sent, waiting for response :heart:


PM link and Insights > Videos > Audience

What’s the last price ?

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The page STRIKES / VIOLATIONS have been removed.
The page quality is clear now :heart:


@chrisrumble what do you think?

Send link please

PM link

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