1.5mil+ weekly reach - Sponsored Posts (Cheap)


Hey everyone, I’ll make this simple and sweet

We run a few Instagram accounts, but one of ours does particularly well with sponsored post reach. We run engagement networks and push our posts to get the reach that you will see in the images below.

The niche is viral posts, which means if you have something you think can be a viral product or really interesting this will be great, if you are dropshipping things like baby clothes, this is not for you.

Here are the pricing (we include a 24 hour story with swipe up with each purchase for free)

24 hour post with link in bio: $25
48 hour post with link in bio: $40 (best seller)
Permanent post with link for 24 hours: $60

Any bulk purchases can be discounted.

Here are some screen shots


What niche is it?


it is a viral niche, we post a wide range of videos and images, many humor but it ranges


Can you send me the link please, thanks


Dm me the username…And story available ??? If so what is avg story views count …


would you PM me the account name?


Pm me the pages please


what’s the url and your price?!


URL & price. Thank you


@Swapd please close this, it’s the account that’s in a checkout ticket right now