1.9 Twitter Network Retweets | Elite Impressions | Best for promoting your BRAND


I have 4 twitter accounts very active
And i am promoting images / videos / links on them by retweeting to promote your twitter page, youtube videos, ecommerce store.

Yes. If you own a youtube channel which you want to grow and make revenue via views, if you have an ecommerce store and you’re looking to boost your sales, or if you have a blog where you want to drive traffic!! Just book your slots todayy!!

Taking only 2 clients.

Charges will be charged 22$ when your post reaches per 100k Impressions.

I can provide upto 500k to 1M Elite Impressions per day.

22$ / 100k imps.
20$ / 100k if you book 500k impressions
18$ / 100k if you book 1M impressions.

All the activities and followers are geniune and real with majority of USA.


Send more Info and the accounts please

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Pls send more info on the accounts.

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PM me account @ , would love to give it a try for my ecom store

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If your products are good then I’m sure you’re gonna be my long term clients who books slots for whole months :wink:

Sending you pm!

Send more info, thanks

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Looks like a very good price per reach. Can you DM me the handles of your accounts so I can learn about the niches?

If you’re considering other ways to monetize your audience, I’m a web developer and could be interested in working on some projects. Let me know if you have any ideas in mind!

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Interested in learning more too, have a few brands this could be relevant to. Pls pm the accounts!

I’m very interested. Can you give me more information?

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Please can you give some more info, thanks

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Let me know if you have active Twitter accounts for sale. Thansk

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Yes I’m interested

Let’s proceed asap

PM I’m interested

i m interested link plz

Are all the spots filled for this?

Do you also offer power likes on your page? Not retweets but just sending likes.

If you could PM me with details, that would be great.

What are the niches?

Hey guys, currently Twitter promotions are stopped.

I’ll make a new thread once they are live.

Admins please close this post, thanks.