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Show it here please. Let everyone see it.

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Wanna check if it is the correct account. Please give me your email and be on your words…

Give me $1000 and swapd fund 2000 or just BUY it…

By the way, I would rather get $1k and remove the listing…

Hey I asked you to proof these. Proof your organic traffic.

Show us Screenshots of your GSC and not GA.
GA will show even bot traffic.

It’s GA4 :joy::joy::joy:
What bot are you talking about…
Why GA switched to GA4

Hold on!

I will do whater you want!
What’s the DEAL? YOU give me $1k or buy it or what ???

HELLO! :joy:

I will buy it or give you 1k… Anything you want. Just prove your point.

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Ya… Easy!

You give me your email I give you access to my GA, GA4 account or whatever.

You do your due diligence as you like and PLEASE prove me worrong…

By the way, if you didn’t KNOW…

Share screenshot of your GSC.

This website isn’t linked to GSC.
I know people use GA4 to measure DATA that’s provides by Google i guess.

Don’t make it complected while it’s easy.

Your email, I give you access, and your free to do your due diligence.

We will make it PUBLIC as you said here on this listing.

So please prove me worrong or be on your words and buy this website for $3000

Since you said I am scamming people!
Next time don’t dare someone if you know you can’t be on your words in the end…
As expected (period)