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I do Facebook Page Verification only. DM’d you with more details.


Hey brother i am interested in this! Can you please send me pricing for a facebook business page. Possibly a personal page too. But for sure a business . If you can bring me a good price i will bring at least 2-3 more right after.

What is the TAT?

Hi, price?

Hello! Can you please send me pricing for a facebook and instagram business page?

Dm’d everyone!

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what is the prices for page with my desire name? and is there any chances of losing the legacy badge?

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pm sent!

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$3k + fee.

Nope, like in 95% cases, badge never gets lost.


The Best! Get your page verified same day!! 100% success rate!!!

Can you help me out bro? Please send price and time estimates for Facebook jewellery brand page

hello price for instagram please !

what’s the price

DM’d You!

Fb Only!