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Pricing for athlete google knowledge panel 5 plus articles

Please ONLY USA press

Still taking submissions

Looking to get my insta verified please pm pricing

Processing athletes again and other niches
Non sponsored PR

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This guy will be a waste of time for you

Very rude, unprofessional, charging high prices and also a liar :slightly_smiling_face:

Says he can verify with LOCAL articles for X$ price

Then says your local articles are trash and wants more money

Avoid dealing with people like this, they will waste your time and energy and probably won’t bring results.



Don’t lie on my thread. You sent me a non English athlete, I gave you a quote I never said you needed more press. I never said you’re articles are trash. I said a quote and a time line. User tried to make me give him a price but I was firm because my contact submits USA athletes and he isn’t a usa athlete but had a Wikipedia so I would give it a shot, do not trash my thread with garbage thanks :slightly_smiling_face: @Rinkyo7

Oh my apologies also it wasn’t a Wikipedia it was a Wiki (cyclowiki):
This wouldn’t have worked anyways on my end. I wish you the best of luck to get that client verified though :handshake:

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U know i also spook with @Hooper but a price is a price i could offer this service for 20k that should not be a problem to someone just because he is expensive same time he is unique as well. so with few words he allowed to sell for as much as he wishes he has this right.

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I can confirm, He is ignoring the rules because he is a diamond member. Even if you do/buy what he wants, he won’t be able to complete the job even though he gives you 100% guarantee. he did this to me and wasted my time

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@Turgay76 you are the only person I failed a telegram verification with. Others have been completed. I gave you recommendations to make your case stronger but instead of taking those into consideration you bring negativity to my thread and still see your account isn’t verified. What is the point of bringing something we’ve discussed multiple times already?
Even the best sellers aren’t perfect. Going through the feedback you’ve even given. The #1 seller on site a 1 star feedback. It’s not good to consistently bash people when things have been spoken about especially when you still message me with NEW inquiries. What sense does that make??

Failure is part of successful story, @Turgay76 Don’t judge anyone if he failed 1 case and did many onsite.


@HamzaKhan If you can’t complete a service after giving 100% guarantee, it’s not a success story. :slight_smile:

Not a success story for that transaction but a success story for the long term career.

Are you still accepting fake musicians?

With very strong budgets @mehedi_ru

How strong are we talking?

None of the black listed press that sellers used to use