#1 on Google ranking in just 24 HOURS | Maximize the full potential of your business

Are you an entrepreneur who could use more new customers? We have achieved measurable results in this regard for various companies in the B2C & B2B markets through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok ads, etc.

We have demonstrably run more than 500,000 euros worth of advertisements in the past 12 months for our clients with very positive results. This is why we are an official Google partner (meaning we have multiple online meetings with Google strategists every week to optimize campaigns)

But, I can do this myself!

The advantage of a marketing agency is that you can save up to 90% in costs. Many organizations hire someone full-time for online marketing, which can quickly cost 3000-4000 euros per month in salary. With a marketing agency, you may only pay 10% of this amount, while having your campaigns managed and optimized by specialists who are working 24/7 on Google Ads.

Do you want to grow in measurable customers? Or do you have another marketing question? I would be happy to answer them.

The cost of setting up such a campaign is a one-time fee of €299,95 per campaign (excluding taxes). The monthly costs are dependent on the advertising budget. There is no minimum spend.


Let me know your guys preferred way of work. Got a client doing serious Shopify with a decent monthly ad spend to commit to your google strategy if the plan is clear and can be done with certain expertise. Hit me up in DM. Very interested!

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