#1 Tier 4L Instagram Handle - CAUSED Google searches for ‘atm business’ to hit all time high in U.S. internet history

Country of followers (majority): 71.3% of users live in the United States
Amount of followers: 14.7K authentic followers
Topic/Niche: Money/Cash/Automated Teller Machines/Passive Income Info-products
Does it include the OG (original) email?: N/A
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Youtube videos/ads, Affiliate collabs with 3 big personal brands (for webinars), Paid Ads, Viral Memes

****Description: In Summer 2018, my partner & I were spending $60K/mo in paid ads on and towards this page to sell an info-product. The page was growing hundreds of followers a day from the paid ads and the followers from this page have generated us $750,000 in 1 summer. If you check Google Trends for the term “atm business” you will see in June 2018 the ATM business hit it’s all-time high for search volume from the ads we were running that grew this page.

I recently got an offer for $75K for the page along with the IP for the info-product course. I told the buyer that I am not interested in selling the IP, but I am open-minded to selling the page. So I figured, might as well post it up on here.

You will receive not only the username, but the account which was used to assist in building a million dollar business and has high-quality/high networth followers. I will include all the emails collected from ads on this account. (over 40,000)

The page could be used as a motivation style page similar to @wealth. It can also be used for affiliate offers or any sort of passive income product does well on it. It will be most effective for someone in the ATM business or who wants to sell some sort of ATM product or other passive income product. The page is engaged and I’ve sold $1,000-$3,000 courses on the page simply by saying DM me if you want to learn the business and people DM immediately. The page is easily a $10K+/mo page with it’s current audience and has potential to do more given the right info-product or passive income opportunity being promoted from the page.

Price is negotiable as I am still entertainingthe first $75k offer without the info-product IP to see what would be a fair price.


Username is also available without page as an option for fair price.

Bump! Been traveling and haven’t been able to get to back to all you guys. If you hit me up please follow up again. Ty


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:money_mouth_face: bump

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Will include a $500,000+ customer list from this account as well that you can use to retarget for similar products :moneybag:


PM sent