10 featured press articles @2100

Service type: Press articles
Price: $2100

Description: I will write and publish 10 press articles about you and publish it on 10 reputed news websites. I would be happy to share the names with you via PM

What will be written in the articles?

The articles will be about your career, personal or professional achievements, your inspiration etc. It can be about ANYTHING you want.

I will take the information from you via a questionnaire

Do I have a say in what will be written or can I get approval before publishing?

Yes absolutely!

Which websites are these?

All these are reputed news websites from different countries. Atleast 5 of these sites have a DA of 75+. I am happy to share the names via PM

Can I choose other websites?

I will offer you 14 websites from which you need to choose 10. If the order is closed soon, I am happy to offer one or two premium websites.

What can I achieve through these articles?

A LOT actually!

  1. I have got people verified on Instagram with these websites

  2. It’s a great digital PR campaign. You will be famous on Google by the end of the campaign.

  3. Some of the websites links can help bury a negative link you may have

Who will write the articles and is it included in the price?

I have a team of writers who will. I don’t charge anything for the writing. It is included in the price


7 days

Payment method

Transferwise, paypal or bankwire


can you pm me which 14 we can choose from? Very interested in this

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Inbox me with the details

Highly interested too. Please PM me.

I have replied to everyone. If you haven’t for a received a response, it may have got missed. If that is the case, please do PM me again.

For everyone who asked, yes this does work for FB, IG and Twitter verifications.

I have msnbc also available for a small premium :slight_smile:

Please inbox me the names of the sites!

@8dseries done!

Doing the first order without prepayment!

PL on me sites and do you have a copy of articles. How much info would I have to supply

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PM me list of sites

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@scottdaddy22, @finedrills replied back

Could you please provide me the list of media outlets?

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@Leyes replied

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PM me list of sites please. Super interested.


@rockstard112 replied

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You can ask for native English writers for the writing

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Could u pm me the list , and what are the premium websites ?


@Walid done!


Send list. Thnx