100+ OG Instagram Handles



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Selling over 100+ OG Instagram handles. NONE have been acquired illegitimately (trademarked, documents, hacked or cracked etc). All are 100% secure and contain OG email.

Prices range from $150-$3000, some of the best names you’ll find on the market and from a well-known & secure source.
Payment options I accept are Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin or Ethereum - PREFERRED). If paying in PayPal you’ll be covering all fees.

New @‘s are acquired almost daily. Purchase a handle from me and i’ll keep you updated every single day with new IG’s before selling publicly.

Only disclosing the list to members who are Verified here on SWAPD. Don’t know how to verify your ID? Check out this listing - How to become an ID verified member on SWAPD?


All transactions are going through the admins so they are sending you the money on PayPal, nothing to worry about.

Please send me the handles list.


PM me handles!


Messages have been sent out, hoping to strike some sales. Acquiring new @‘s daily.


can you send me a list and prices please


Please send me list and prices


Send me the usernames as well please


Please send me the handles. Very interested


Link to the full list please?


Full list and prices please


Hi Verdict ,

Any instagram with female followers budget around 150 200$?


Link to handles?


Hey! How are you? Could you please send me the list with prices?


List and prices.


Woke up to 20+ notifications, please give me time to reply to everyone’s messages. Also, PLEASE PM me your budget, no point in me sending my entire list if you’re only willing to spend a certain amount, do us both a favour and save each other’s time.

Thank you all.

Just sold an Instagram for $500 so hit me up!


Can you send list and prices. Thank you!


incredible list, a few caught my eye from the list OP sent, if you’re looking for an OG don’t hesitate!


Please send a list of handles!


Could you sent me the list I have a budget.


could I see the list please?