100+ OG Instagram Handles



PM the list please


Will be home soon to send out PM’s manually, if you want to make my life easier then PM me yourself and i’ll reply when I can.

Sold an IRL name for $1500 BTC this morning and got another cute handle. Look no further and purchase your final handle today from the most
known source in the community.

Hit me up folks!


please send list and prices thank you


Hey Verdict, I sent you a PM.


Hey bro can you share me the list!


PM me please with Handles / Pricelist.


Replied to everyone who is upgraded and who have verified their ID’s. Obviously to protect myself and my handles I have to take these precautions. No hard feelings to everyone who I haven’t replied to.

Let’s get some sales.


Hey Verdict,

I recently sent you a PM.


Send that list!


please send me the list


Hey verdict,
Please send me a list of Handles with prices.
ID verified.
Thank you.


looking forward to see what you got there as well :slight_smile:


Replied to everyone, let’s get some sales.

Also if you ignore me when I send you my list, you’ll be blocked.



Sold an Instagram for $4500 and $200 offsite this morning. Let’s get some sales on here.

Claimed a new drug handle today too, hit me up!


pm me list with prices please.


Hi, please pm list and prices up to ~1000


Please send the list. Cheers.



Sold 2 Instagrams offsite today, let’s get some sales on here.


Send link please.


still waiting for the links