100+ OG Instagram Handles



Currently in the middle of selling 2 handles here on SWAPD, hit me up and purchase one today!


Sold two today, trusted seller.


I will mark this topic premium because:

  1. I have seen the list. Most of the account are considered rare/hard to get.
  2. User provided OG emails with his latest sales.

Good luck with further sales!


Hopefully that’s enough proof ^
Still selling these, hit me up folks.


Interested - please send list of handles/prices.


Verify your ID then hit me up.


<3 :smiley: Model member! I like your approach. Safety first.


please pm me the list, ill buy a few


Verify your ID then hit me up.


Hello, can you pm me the handles and applicable prices? Thanks! Brandon


list + prices, budget $100-3,000


Interested, please send me the list!


Just sold an Instagram offsite for $200 BTC. Hit me up and purchase a handle today.


Bumping this. Let’s get some sales.


Interested please share the list!


Please send me the list.
Willing to spend anywhere from 150$-3000$ depending on the quality of the handle.


@MasterSplinter Just sent you the list.

Currently in the process of selling a handle for $3000 BTC here on SWAPD. Claimed some new handles over the last few days.

Peoples lists decrease but mine grows daily.

Hit me up!


Really interested in the list if possible, I might have not been a Swapd member for years but planning to stay in the Swapd comunity for years to come.


Sold an IG here for $3000 BTC, hit me up folks!


What do you have available, ready to purchase