1000+ OG TikTok Handles

Decided to re-list one of my old successful services here on SWAPD.

I by far have one of the best & biggest list of original TikTok handles for sale (2700+). All of them were hand registered over the years, they’re completely safe.

Prices range from $100 to $3000. Covering all niches, perfect for your upcoming project, brand, theme page or personal use.

All accounts will either be sold as is (emails CANNOT be changed) or they will be swapped to a fresh/brand new account for you prior to the sale. Upon contacting me and opening a ticket, you are aware of this.

Willing to be lenient on pricing, and bulk deals are welcomed.

Payment Options:
Crypto or Bank Wire only.

Disclosing list to all ID Verified members only.


Seems the OG is back… GLWS… n lemme see this list

Any verified accounts ?

No sorry, only usernames.

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It’s fine but @RyRy can I get the list?

Sold a few offsite already.

Let’s clear my entire inventory.

Bumping this, biggest and best list you’ll find.

Still selling.

Handles sold offsite, no deals on here though. :frowning:

Bumping this.

Selling these like crazy offsite. Be quick before all the good ones are gone.

Bumping this.

List please

Replied to everyone who’s inquired.

Lots sold offsite, lets close some deals on here.

LOTS sold offsite, but nothing on here yet.

Still selling.

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Still selling.