100k Gaming Youtube Channel $1700 TODAY



Amount of subscribers: 105k
Country of subscribers (majority): Mexico (Mainly all spanish countries)
Topic/Niche: Gaming, Mainly Fortnite
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic & An app to help gain subs

106k gaming youtube channel. Mainly all fortnite, was mainly spanish but started uploading in english. Channel is currently Monetized, also verified

If you have any questions pm me


Is this channel currently monetized?


yes it is, how could i leave that out lol


No idea haha


Check pm


pmed back


Channel link?


link and price


still selling. Current offer is $1700 BTC


can I please see the link?


Hey send me the link please




@Alexx In two months February/March you got 64k Subs but views in those two months are less than 100k? How is it possible? Please explain. Thanks


If you look at the channel in the subbox also looks botted.
Ive seen both of these YouTubes on another forum, and was about to buy the big one. Although the subscribers are through some app, not naturally earned. There are no viral videos, or anything on this channel causing it to get 100k subscribers.


@Hussey I’ve had to edit out your screenshot as it displayed the name of the channel.

I do have to say, this channel appears extremely suspicious. There’s barely any increase in view count to justify a 60k+ subscriber gain during February of this year.

Going to have to mark this as poor quality. If this hits a checkout ticket, I suggest the buyer opts for an audit.


Hi thanks for looking at it. I guess when a channel gains a lot of traction people think its botted?

Not true, it was actually put on a app as a promotion and gained that way, all real people, and real interactions. Now if i was botting the views, likes, comments, and claiming it was super insanely active.

Im advertising the monetization, the verification, and the 100k subs. Could i know how its poor quality to have subs given from an app by real people?


Because that isn’t organically grown, and I’m nearly positive they’re not real active YouTube users.


I have changed it to where people now know subs have come from the app.

If they were all fake then how would it be getting views? Not saying it gets a crazy amount but if they were fake, thered be no views


I’m not saying they’re fake, merely poor quality subscribers. If they were fake, we wouldn’t allow this to be listed, or it would be tagged as “Fake-followers.”


Hello please send me the channel link.