100k Gaming Youtube Channel $1700 TODAY



link please :slight_smile:


what app is this?


I dont know the name of the app. I had bought the service of it from someone




ok im not sure how well you know these things but usually these type of people dont really watch your videos. people that sub to a channel from a particular app tend to be low quality subs. they are real accounts yes but when it comes to youtube its pointless if people sub to you and dont watch your videos. so for example lets say if 2,000 people subbed to you from this app chances are those 2,000 wont watch your vids. ive been there before in that situation.

Dont get me wrong im not saying this is a bad channel i still think its good and promising ( assuming they all did not come from this app). i just think this might just be a bit overpiced in my opinion


I see your point. This channel had 75k subs organic before the app was used. All were fortnite subs also. You can think its overprice, everyone has their opinion but i believe its fair for the potential this channel has if you upload whats trending and are consistent. I just dont have that time anymore


well if they were at 75k subs with fortnite content without that app used then the price is reasonable then. and your channel is monetized so the price isnt too bad


if this channel had 75k subs organically beforehand why would you ever need the app?? in my opinion if it had 75k real subs there would be MUCH more than ~1k views on its recent videos… i can get ~1k views on an instagram post with my 4k followers… you see my point? its too fishy…
maybe your app can work backwards? haha I would rather this account have 5k subs with its views than having 100k inactive subs, just looks bad.


Because all posts on new members are staff approved. We don’t instantly approve them.


That is your opinion yes. 100k is a hard milestone for people, and its the only way to achieve verification on youtube.

Theres a lot more to it then what you think. But i respect your opinion, thank you for the feedback




this has been sold offsite, can we take this off listing? thank you! @Administrators



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