108K IG Travel Page for Sale - 7 million impressions last 7 Days

Country of followers (majority): international
Amount of fans/followers: 52K
Topic/Niche: Travel
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic with F4F in the beginning
OG Email: Yes

Description: 52K Travel Account for Sale. OG email included. The most recent posts are reaching USA the most. The account has 7 million impressions in the last 7 days and has grown very quickly.


Now at 61K

Now at 77.1K followers

Price updated, 78.1K now

Now 82.6K

Page is now at 94.3K followers

Now at 98.3K …. price reduced to $1,500

Whats the user

I can take link thanks

Now at 99.5k

Account has hit 100k followers …

Now at 105K followers. Over 5k followers in last 4 days. Will not be at this price much longer.

Now At 108k followers

109K followers now

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