10k+ DIY images and links catalog | URGENT

Account type: 10 000+ DIY images and links catalog
Price: $600 OBO

Description: Hey guys, Ive been collecting DIY stuff online for the past few months with the idea to make the largest DIY database website. But recently I got a job offer I couldnt refuse so these folders are just sitting on my laptop now.
Ive neatly arranged all of them into a nice structure, the folder name is the overall theme of the images. Each image is named properly and each folder includes a text document with links for each image. Links lead to original websites where the whole process has been explained and its mostly personal blogs and DIY artists all across the web.

So if there is anyone interested in starting this kind of website or if you are already in the DIY business this collection is perfect for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


PS: Im sure there are duplicates here, but not more than 1-2% and 99% of the links are working last time Ive checked

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I’m interested in this, can you please elaborate about the license & copyright status of the Images?


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Well most of the images are watermarked properly (original website URL or logo) and since you have a proper attribution link for each image there really shouldn`t be any problems unless you decide to crop the watermarks or change the links.

If you would like PM me so I can send you a folder to see how it all looks like…

Could you send me a sample?

Price is now $500

Price bump: it`s $450 now

Price bump: $420

Bump: $410

Price $400 OBO

Price bump: $390 OBO

Price bump: $380 OBO

Price bump: $370 OBO

Price now $60 URGENT!

Is this still available?

Yes it is still available…Interested?

I’m interested and can purchase right away. I would like to see a couple samples as the other user suggested, before purchasing. What is your current price?

Still Available?

Still available: $100USD

Is this available, if so what is the bid at?

Has this been sold?