120K IG / +10K new weekly followers / 10K Likes per Pic / 100K Profile Clicks!


Country of followers (majority): India & USA
Amount of followers: 120K
Topic/Niche: Adult
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic.

Description: Hey! Selling rare, rare handle, 10%+ engagement, +10K new weekly followers, active story and fanbase.
Comes with it’s own SnapChat account, 3K views in 24hrs!

Worked with affiliate marketing swipe ups and made minimum $20 to $40 per story. Have only posted 3 to 4 storys as I care about my pages well-being and keeping them active. Selling one of my best Instagram accounts.

No cheapskaters, serious buyers with actual budgets.


Bump 122K…


send more info please


Send info






PM Details


Intrested in it .


can you please send me the username and the insights (activity and demographics) thanks


handle please


Any actual buyers around here :smiley:


what kind of rate you looking for pm


I’d love an apartment for it but I’m open to offers for a G vagon


send me the details


PM details please , insights and price .


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