127K Viral Fashion Instagram Growing 16K+ Per Month

Country of followers (majority): INTERNATIONAL
Amount of followers: 127k
Topic/Niche: FASHION
Does it include the OG (original) email?: YES
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): 100% Organic

Description: Growing 6k+ per week on an average. I haven’t been able to focus on the page and be active as I am diversifying to other niches and platforms now. Plus there are some unforeseen circumstances due to which I am selling most of my pages.
Very good page if you want to turn it into an Influencer account or even a brand account.

Please verify your ID before asking for the Handle or Price.
You can do that by clicking on:point_right: @VERIFICATION

After a closer look, this looks more like a babes account, 73% male audience seem to agree. I am going back to a closer look…

What is the page?

can I get @ and current highest offer

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BUMP 71.5K now
PMed all ID verified

BUMP 75.3 Now

Hi I am highly interested in this

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whats the handle, and current best offer?

I am very interested what is your handle

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handle and price

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whats the handle, and current best offer?

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BUMP 78.3K now!

price and handle please

BUMP 80.5K now!

PM handle and price

Handle and price please

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Please verify your ID using :point_right: @VERIFICATION

pm handle and price pls

BUMP 88K now !

handle and price plz