12M - Automotive Instagram Network For SALE



Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 12M
Topic/Niche: Automotive
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: I have grown bored of IG. Looking for someone who wants to take over the largest IG Automotive Instagram Network (20 accounts 2.4M-200k accounts) grown organically and owned by original owner since 2013/2014. Serious inquiries/offers only. Top accounts are followed by DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Michael Strahan, and other top influencers across multiple niches.


Good luck with sales! If you need anything, contact @Administrators.


This bundle must be premium ! GL


Its the Wolf Millionaire :eyes:


I will go ahead and mark this premium for now, as I’ve done a little research and found that the seller is trustworthy and the properties listed here look really good (initially). As always, we would need to audit them further, but so far things look good.


Links of ig s plz


I would like to warn everyone, if your budget is less than XX,XXX, please don’t waste the sellers time with 100-500 USD offers. These properties look prime and the seller seems to be an IG pro.


Holly smokes! Great Job :+1:

What’s the reason for selling such an empire?


I have been doing Instagram full time since 2013, (part time since 2006), eat, sleep, breath 24/7/365… It’s been quite the adventure, made a lot of money & many new connections! However I’m so done/bored/not challenged with social media and I feel stagnant for the last 2 years. I need change NOW and want to step back and spend more balanced time with my family.


Also posted the wrong screen shots for the DEMOGRAPHIC, they are about 25% - 30% USA when clicked on Countries.


This looks like a top top group of accounts, unfortunately out of my budget but best of luck with it all


$500 offer on $100K topic… That is a crime.


@toms In case you haven’t seen this yet, might be of interest and within budget.


PM handle and stats please.


hi i would be interested in hearing your prices. would you be willing to trade individual accounts or selling all accounts at once? thank you


Can you pls send me the usernames


Any chanc you can sell accounts separately?


I see a lot of people asking to buy the accounts separately, the magic to these accounts is the network itself. The growth potential and cross advertising potential is enormous. Breaking them up would be a disservice to the time and effort its taken the owner to build. I would honestly push to have the accounts stay together. If it isn’t within your budget, group together and pool funds… or mortgage your home lol. If I had the time I would be all over them, but I have 100+ accounts I can hardly keep up with now. Best of luck!


Do you have revenue figures or do you prefer not to share those? 12M network should have made you some money that I believe a buyer would like to hear about.


It depends what your goal/need is honestly