130 Million Celebrity Network Share

Information Please?

Info please!

Hi, very interested. Please send me links and price. Thank you.

Hello there! Im interested can you tell me houw much money for 3 ad breaks videos?!

Hi. Interested in this. Can you pm me links and prices that will be very favourable for Ecom

Would you be willing to share image + link in description to a Facebook Instant Game?
Link would be this format: https://fb.gg/play
If yes please PM so we can work out the details.

Pm me the list and price. I have a decent budget for this, and I would like my personal account to gain from this

link and price please

Messaged all recents

Ive added more exclusive celeb pages to the list also

Please PM list and rates

Rates inbox please…and, Can you share WWE and Soccer highlights?

Check messages

Interested in huge growth for one of my account.

Send info please!


plz Inbox Rates and pages links or name

Hey. I need more infos an the price please

Please send the list of pages and rates. Thanks.


Can you send me rates for ad break videos ?