1300 USD BTC for your SWAPD credits, TW, or as a last resort, PP


Won’t fraction it unless it’s for SWAPD credits.

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dostać paypal hand poddanie btc?

You’ve said:

“To get PayPal hand give up BTC?”

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Zdobądź Paypal i daj mi BTC. pozdrowienia.

Poczekam na decyzje innych SWAPD czlownkow.

Deal, I’ll give you my future SwapD credits

Widac ze zyd to napisal.


Why did you call him Jew?

I didn’t it just didn’t translate right. I said “JAW.”

“Zyd” literally means “жид” in Russian.

But who the ■■■■ am I. You’re right. Yair is jaw.

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1400 NOW. @Hussey - If you can get this done today, I will do PP.

I can do paypal

Since you answered first, it’s yours. PM me :smiley: