137k Subs , Anime Youtube Channel ,30% US audience , Sponsorship , Premium Audience, English Channel

Amount of subscribers: 137k
Country of subscribers (majority): United States
Topic/Niche: Anime ( Naruto )
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: Description:

  • Ask for link if Genuinely Interested as will not consider low offers
  1. The channel is with 137k Subs
  2. Channel Top Geographic is US
  3. 66M Lifetime Views and 20M views from US
  4. Silver Play Button is unclaimed
  5. No warning, no strike. All clean.
  6. Channel is Not monetised as reused content
  7. Channel have Anime ( Naruto ) Audience only
  8. USDT as payment.
  9. All relevant screenshots are uploaded. All history visible in screenshots.
  10. Comes With Original Mail

Inbox for more info.

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link n price


Verify id

GL with the sale!

Receiving sponsorship offers

Man I have been in this niche for a long time, either that sponsorship is low paying/affilate or even fake maybe since i can’t see the email.

The real sponsors in the anime niche do not sponsor clip channels.


Maybe You are a expert in this niche but I have started this from scratch and bring it to 137k subs

If you don’t see a mail visible mail on public post that doesn’t mean I am posting fake screenshots , if you know we can’t put our personal mail publicly.

I don’t know they sponsor or not
But tbh I have done a sponsored video for $500 on this channel when subscribers was under 100k and believe me or not but You have link so you can check yourself.

My main motive on this channel was not sponsorship and always received these offers directly on mail .
If any person have good contacts can get multiple thousand $ sponsorship every month on this same channel as audience are premium and some video gone to 8M views so there’s no big deal in getting fair amount.

Hi send link please

Link and price?


Please PM me the channel’s link, really interested!

Link if still available

Link,if this is still available?