150k Extremely Active Celebrity IG

I’m offering per shoutout on the amazingly active page of celebrity from The Vampire Diaries.

Per post gets around 10k+ likes with Average 80 to 100k+ reach. Extremely loyal audience. 87% Female Ratio.

Top audience is brazil, usa, uk.

Post and link will remain for 24 hours on the page.

I’m also offering growth services. If anyone is interested in growing Ig in this niche pm me.

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Interested to know more about the page as well as your growth services. Can you pm me? Thanks!

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There’s a problem with URL…!

Change it :wink:

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Thankyou brother.

Can you send me the page thank you

DM link

@JohnSmith check it.

Interested. Pm please with all details.

im interested in this service can you please give me some details. thanks

interested in the growth services and more info! please

May i see the page?

pm link

Please send me Username of account. Thanks !!

dm usernames thx

username please

I’m interested