150k TikTok (5.5M Likes) | $1450 BN

NOTE (account activity): The most recent post is currently at 250k - Posted 2nd July

This niche is blowing up right now however I don’t have time to post and don’t want to see my account go to waste. High growth potential.

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of fans/followers: 148,700 (05/29)
Topic/Niche: Trippy/Viral/Informative/Influence
Promotion methods used: Organic
Estimated earnings per post: $50 - $100

Description: TRIPPY NICHE

This account is for sale but I will only sell if the right price is offered.

I have very high engagement (average over last 10 posts at 55%) and 5.5M likes.

My analytics are:
Country following are

My account has been growing steadily for 2/3 months now due to it being in a very tight niche.

I post content which is considered “trippy” or Psychedelic themed and have one of the highest followings in this niche.

Video view statistics:

0 - 250k: 35 (54%)
250k - 500k: 13 (20%)
500k - 1000k: 7 (11%)
1000k or higher: 9 (15%)

Top Videos:




HO: $1500

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Could you clarify how this is?

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I used the https://influencermarketinghub.com/tiktok-money-calculator/ for this exact figure but from experience I have been payed up to $120 for posts

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Okay Still available

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Can you send me the username please?

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PM offers not fixed on price



i would also like to know