+168k IG Skate Network + Ecommerce Website - HIGH POTENTIAL

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 108k + 46,1k + 13,9k
Topic/Niche: women skate niche
Does it include the OG (original) email: Yes all emails
Promotion methods used? Organic, Follow Unfollow (only at the beginning) and powerful # list

Hey everyone ! I’m selling a whole business on instagram in the women skate niche ! This includes, 3 instagram account with 108k and 46,1k to attract the traffic on the brand page which has 13.1k. I didn’t do a single ad for the brand, only organic traffic and SEO. There’s also a website for the brand page, selling clothes on shopify in POD in this niche ! Of course I will train you and teach you tips and tricks that work in this niche throughout the transition.


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Pm handle please.

Handles and Do you have any sales?

Pm me the Links, your stats and the best price.

Send me @ names and a price

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