1M Views Guaranteed or money back youtube promo

Hey My friend has a very huge youtube channel with an average viewer is 20 years old. and his videos are getting around 4m views on average and 1m on a low end. There is an new show upcoming we are doing on his platform. We are open for product placements, collaboration with musicians,and appearances in the video. Or even interviewing a huge rapper guest that comes on the show i.e tory lanez, tee grizzly,bia and more… for more info on this promo and the upcoming show send me a message.

Link to my friends platform:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwKTAvM2mY5-A4dFY4xCgqw/videos

you can see videos we have done witha lot of huge rappers on here. The show will also have very big rappers. and we start filming next week. so limited time now to get in.