1million instagram acc for sale Makeup/Beauty

Country of followers (majority): USA, Brazil
Amount of followers: 1,050,000
Topic/Niche: Makeup, Beauty
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Part of DM groups with other large pages

Hi there! I am selling my makeup/beauty niche instagram account with 1million followers. All followers were grown organically.
Due to personal reasons, the account has been left inactive for a few months, thus I am looking to sell it to someone willing to bring up the engagement again by actively posting. I have owned this account for a long while, but unfortunately it does not come with OG email!
Asking $12,000

If it doesn’t come with the email that you originally set it up with the account is worthless… reason being is that you can claim it back from Instagram at any point…

The OG email was deleted. It won’t be claimed back.

@Swapd what’s your thoughts on this?

@Ek2589 - Please log in to your IG account from a desktop device, go to Privacy Settings, and Account Data. Then click Previous/Past Emails, grab a screenshot and then PM it to me.

I don’t quite understand what “deleted” means. How/why was in inbox deleted? Who does that?

Ä°nterested , pm username

We can delete gmails, it’s not so hard.

But why would anyone delete an inbox? :smiley:

Some safety purposes, unwanted spam avoidable purposes, changing our stupid username purposes, or being a dumb …

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Pm link

Link please

i’m up for an offer if @Swapd gets to the bottom of this OG inbox situation. PM highest offer when you find one you’re considering.

If there is no original inbox, I wouldn’t recommend proceeding. Instagram now locks accounts when they suspect something and won’t unlock it unless you send them an email from the original email.

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