2.9m likes facebook page for sale

Country of followers (NIGERIANS)
Amount of fans/followers (2.9M LIKES / 3M FOLLOWERS)
Promotion methods used? (ORGANIC):

I started this page in 2014 and it became one of the strongest page on Facebook. Last year October, so many viral pages got hit by Shadow Ban Bugs and my page was one of them. The SHADOW BAN depleted my post reach and page viral strength albeit the ban was lifted after I appealed but my page post reach was badly hurt. I have been asked to promote the page and posts to get back my page viral but right now I am trying to focus on some other business so I am putting it up for sale.

THIS PAGE CANNOT BE RENAMED. I was blocked from renaming the page again 2 Year Ago. Make your Offer.!

Hey. PN with Link and Price please

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Sorry I don’t know why the second screenshot is not showing. Here it is.! Here is the page post reach IMG_20190126_084444|311x500

Hey I couldn’t open the link you attached , can you add the secreenshout of latest reach? send me the page link and last price you think . Thanks

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Link and price please.

Please check your DM. Thanks

I can offer 1000$ for page

Price stands at 1,400$.

This page is still available for SALE.

Please send the link for the page - thank you

Under a ticket.

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SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD.

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