2 Million+ Follower Top Meme Facebook Page | Great Reach | story Reach is 100-500k per story

Country of followers (majority):india:
Amount of followers:2 million+
Topic/Niche: MEME PAGE
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):

Description: This page has huge reach the last 3 posts i posted all hit 500k+ impressions in a day! this page has great potential, no silly offers please the story reach is 100,000-1 million per story thats how good this page is its averaging 160k per story sometimes 250k… open to offers.

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Bump now at 2.1 million followers

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Send link please

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Verify your account first

Still available & open to offers

Still available

Bump accepting offers now

please sent me link to page and what is the price
and do you think I can change the page name?


C/o £11.000

C/o offsite is $15,000 if anybody can better that lmk if not will be sold this week!

Co is £16000