2 of the most Elite American OG IG handles (bundle) with matching FB pages and OG emails!

Country of followers (majority): U.S.

Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes

Promotion methods used? Organic, Shoutout, Giveaways

Description: One of the most powerful craziest USA (BUNDLE) IG pages ever! Both comes with the matching FB PAGE usernames and OG email!

With the election coming up you can easily make 6 figures or even more if you know how to utilize these pages. Or turn them into massive travel pages or any other niche you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

I’m only selling these pages because I decided to focus on the one thing that’s working right now which is my Shopify business (not related to this niche) instead of trying to get into many different things.

They both come with the OG email as well as matching FB page usernames!!

I’m not in rush to selling these so serious buyers only, preferably purchasers from media companies or the ones working with the political offices

Most followers are from the U.S for both pages


Wow!! Good luck with sales


Can u send handle please
And also post the gender ratio

Replied to everyone who’s ID verified!

Am I missing something? You haven’t uploaded anything that shows the stats.


Send link please

I didn’t upload stats because the usernames themselves are very high value

Send em. Thanks,


Handles themselves are very premium, that’s why it’s marked as so.


Handle’s please

plz dm handle i might have a buyer for this

Verify yourself @VERIFICATION and I will send you the handles



Handle please

Please verify yourself first @VERIFICATION


Handle please