2 SELF VERIFIED TikTok Accounts - [$1300 each] • CHANGEABLE!

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Country of followers (majority): JP/KR
Amount of fans/followers: 980 and 1000
Topic/Niche: Verified TikTok Accounts/Verification Badge

2 self verified TikTok accounts, that were verified by me. Safest accounts you can find on the market at the moment.

• Inactive
• Email/Phone changeable
• Both usernames changeable on February 3

  • I can help you change the username for free.

Price: $1600 each
Any major cryptocurrency is accepted. (BTC/ETH/USDT are preferred)

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Can you also change the name, or just the username

Dm me

Just usernames atm

It says you aren’t accepting messages at the moment

Wanna conitnue with purchase ticket but can’t dm you

Yep can’t DM. Need to fix

Pm details please.