2 small verified pages for cheap


Property type:blue verified pages
Amount of fans/followers:100-2k likes
Country of followers (majority):Not relevant
Topic:Facebook Verified Pages
Price:6k$ for both

Description: These are being sold as package, and I’m not selling them 1 by 1.

Custom names included in the price. You tell me your desired names and urls, and you get the pages.

**This might be a limited time offer.



I’m personally not interested, but just saying, I’m pretty damn sure the country the majority of your followers are from is really important and in no way irrelevant whatsoever. At least that how it is with Instagram.
Just letting you know.


Aight, I’d like to know what you’d do with 1-2k USA TIER 1 likes?
That’s why I said not relevant, the amount of likes is not enough to care about geo.

However, thanks.


Pages were sold off platform, not available anymore.

For more pages message me, the price is a lil’ bit higher than this.


*Mods may close the thread.

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