2 X German Facebook Pages: 44.356 and 14,993

Country of followers (majority): Germany
Amount of followers: 60.000
Topic/Niche: Video
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


Description: Selling 2 x german facebook pages with great potential and name. Pages are rarely used and no time to manage them. Small page has a restriction in changing the name ( no need to change the name since it has a great german name for a page) but you can use a service here on swapd to rename it.

no premium for germany @Alpha? :disappointed_relieved:

No. As the 60k page isn’t 50%+ tier 1 and we wouldn’t allow you to list the 12k page on its own.

Pm with link please


link and your offer please

Link please

Link and price please.

do you have a price estimate?

pm all

Send me link and price for the small page 14k. Thanks

link and price please


PM me please link + price!

bump. new price av

Link please? And price

link and price please,thanks!

pm link please

please handle and price offer

send a pm for details