20 FULL FEATURES ARTICLES (About you or your brand)

Service type:
Full Features articles about you as a Public Figures, or for your Brand / Business

1300$ + Swapd Fee (you need to reply on 40 q&a around)
1600$ + Swapd Fee (you just need to provide some keywords and your info, and i’ll reply in your behalf)

Payments options :

  1. USDT - BTC
  2. Wise - Bank Wire


20x full features articles about you as a Public Figures or as a Business

I offered this package primarily Offsite for clients interested in being verified on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok, so I decided to make a thread about it on Swapd as well.

The package includes 20 sites on which will be published 20 different articles, each with its own title in which there will be your name or your business, a photo, and 1-2 links to follow you on Instagram, Facebook or Website.

Notes :

Only these articles, will not guarantee you verification on Facebook or Instagram. They will make you as a quantity, nowadays to be verified as a Public Personality, is difficult, so you should also have articles about you on top platforms like Forbes, Entrepreneur and others like that. Some of these will also be available on Google News, as well as on Google pages.

Timeframes :
When I have the final drafts of the 20 pdfs, with all the articles ready to be sent to the various contributors, they will usually take a couple of days to be published. I usually have 5 articles released per day, so as not to mess up too much. So let’s say, timeframes to get all articles published, a couple days.

List :
Shot me a PM and i’ll send some examples

How work :

Each article will include 2 questions and 2 answers for you to answer. The questions could be generic or you can choose them yourself, we have no problem with that.

Addittional Info :
Please note We do not accept casino, gambling, adult, CBD, Marijuana, Cannabis, Crypto currency, Bitcoin, Health product review, Weight gain/loss products etc related content or link to such websites and I do not provide direct links to affiliate websites.

I am a Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant who is seeking to obtain social media verification including Facebook and Instagram. Also, I see that you have a marketing agency and I will need some articles published as part of the verification process. I would like to get placed in publications linked to fashion, movies, television, music, sports, fashion, gaming, social media, business, entertainment news, etc. that would be related to the profile. However, I am open to any publications that might be helpful in getting me verified for Instagram. I think it would be ideal to have articles in publications that are verified on Facebook and/or Instagram. Thanks.

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PM examples, please.

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Adriana Lima.docx (1.8 MB)

Attached is an example of a draft article I prepared for publishing.

PM me please, don’t send personal stuff on public

all details please

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Hi, I am interested in receiving your list of publications.

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Send me the list please.

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