200k Gaming Youtube Channel 3 Million Views Per month

Amount of subscribers: 178,000
Country of subscribers (majority): Russia / Europe
Topic/Niche: Gaming Gaming (Minecraft) / Music
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: 8 Month Old Channel that receives 700-2k New Subs a Day. A viral video with 38M+ Views and average of 150k daily views. Channel is young and has a lot of life due to active Subs. 60k Subs last 90 Days and Growing Expected to hit 200k subs in 14 days and 250k by May.

-Monetization is eligible and can apply instantly (screenshot attached).
-100k plaque is unclaimed.
-No strikes
-No community guidelines
-No copyright warnings
-No personal association (never showed my face)
-57k turned notifications on
-Latest video green up arrows (performing well due to active subs)

Great Channel for anyone wishing to start a gaming channel specifically Minecraft. Price is negotiable but please no low ball offers.

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 17.07.11

Bump now 180k

Can sell with monotised second channel (10k subs $1700 earnings) as bundle if interested


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We run a ton of accounts and i would love to talk about purchasing your channel!

maybe we can buy just the 10k channel for now? work on a great deal for the main channel while i get the money together.

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Url for both channels please

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Interested. Please link

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PMd all

Bump 187k and price drop

Could I get the link as well?

Link please

Replied to all

Url and price of both channels

Send me the URL and Price please.

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Bump - almost 200k subs now!

Interested. Link please

PM’d you


bump 206k subs now