205k Cartoon/Disney Instagram Account | Automated | Top USA | 89% Female

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 205k
Topic/Niche: Cartoons
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: My goal for 2021 is to use my phone less. I bought this account in April on SWAPD as a quarantine side project and have held it ever since. I am the second owner of the account.

This account has 205k followers (as of January 26th). The photos average between 7-10k likes each with the older ones around 10-15k. Daily followers gained has been down just because I am visiting family right now in a weird time zone and I am often posting 6 hours after my peak. Check Social Blade for a better view of the monthly gains.

This account has brought in $200-300 a month in sponsored posts (I charge $20-35 per post). The niche is super easy to run. I can provide you with a folder of 500 Disney cartoon “memes” that can be used to automate the account. Additional content can be found from other accounts in the niche. PayPal/Bank Wire, please.

Sample engagement stats from my post two weeks ago:

Story Views (last story 1/3/21)

Account Demographics:

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! - Tabe

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Hi! Could you please send me the price?

Please verify your identity first. Thank you!


interested pm price

Price and handle ?


Still for sale. Checkout some fresh feed posts

Handle nd price


Bump! Growing steadily still

Hello! What is your username? thank you

Please verify your identity first. Also, the account is still growing!

handle please