207k DOG Page, Extremely Active " 10M Impressions " - Made 375$ in 30 Days

Country of followers (majority): U.S.A
Amount of followers: 207k
Topic/Niche: Dog
Does it include the OG (original) email?: YES
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Hello, I am selling one of the very few Dog pages in I.G with extreme level engagement & Explore activity. Literally every post hit explore page on very high ratio.

3 months back page was on 30M impressions and 10M reach before Instagram curbing on a whole. And every page lost the reach, my page stood out among the very few other pages…

Everyday inbox will be flooded with Promo msgs, but i strictly only do story promotions and avoid feed promotions to preserve the reach. In April I earned around 375$ only on stories and 80% DM’s wish to have feed promotions. (Payment proof on 1st comment)

Never tried offsite affiliate programs to earn money, which is another option to make it big.

Page is now having 200+ inbox promo offers which got rejected by me for not doing feed promotions…! You can easily do Feed promotions and earn the double.

Why i want to sell the page.
PayPal INDIA sucks… The buyer always wins the dispute if the seller is using paypal india. Already lost 1 dispute & now currently waiting for another dispute :(. Indian paypal doesn’t suport F&F…!
Which is why i stopped taking regular promos from MAY & still earned 150$ on May.

The page is GOLD MINE for those who know to make a profit out of it, and even without proper knowledge, you can still earn a lot of money just from DM’s

Page bundle comes along with 1.6k Tik tok account and the guide on how to find and create perfectly capable posts for the page.

The current best offer is 5200$ from SWAPD…!

Payment proof

Send handle please

handle, and average story views

Marked premium. I know it does not have more than 50% premium countries but the activity is insane.
Good luck!

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Instagram only shows 5 countries which make just 50% of the followers count here. Australia and e.u countries are hidden below.

Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

send me link please

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Pm link

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DMed Everyone…!

Pm handle please, thanks!


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Handle please

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Sent to BOTH…!


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Handle please and price?

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Sent to all…!

Am I the only one who sees 10M impressions instead of the 1B mentioned in the title? Anyway, the page looks great, good luck.

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You seem right, I’ve edited it…!

In my defense, we dont use Billions & Millions in India…!

Got Confused, all thanks to @RandyMarsh

Interested send handle

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