213k+ instagram account for sale



Country of followers (majority): U.S, Mexico and India
Amount of followers: 213k
Topic/Niche: celebrity account

Description: this is fashion/style account about american actress. i started this account in january last year, account grew really fast. all my likes and followers are 100% real you could also confirm that by going thru my likes and you could see the most are following me. i get 6-20k likes per post and 6-35k story views it depends of how active am. this week as u can see i have over million reached accounts bc i wasnt really active much this week but when im more active reach and impressions are higher. all my recent posts got 80-500k reach. the most liked photo has 34k likes and the most viewed video over 3m views. all the pictures u see with over 100k reach are posted this month. im selling this account because i dont have time for it anymore and you can do whatever you want with it. pm me if you are really interested and if you are a serious buyer. i accept paypal only!


Pm me the username! Very interested!




Pm handle