23k Monetized Gaming channel | Fast-Growing [445000+Views, $100/Month]

Amount of subscribers: 23,500
Country of subscribers (majority): Russia, Ukraine, Khazakistan, United States, Belarus
Topic/Niche: Gaming
Promotion methods used?: Organic


Hey guys, I am selling a 23k subs channel, the channel earns around $80- 100 per month and it is gaining 500 subscribers every month currently. The channel is super active and is already in the suggestions algo of Youtube. It gets 300- 450k views every month. The channel doesn’t have any copyright strikes. Please check the below screenshots.

Hey, the lifetime demographics screenshot is included

The last screenshot image is the lifetime demographics.

ok thanks!

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I have sent you a link!


Price has been reduced for the channel! Interested buyer DM me for link



Link please

The channel has been sold.