☄️ 24/7 Currency Exchanging Services ☄️ BUY/SELL your Crypto For Wise, Paypal, Zellepay, Cashapp, Advcash, Cash deposit (Many more) ESCROW ACCEPTED ✔️


Available for indian seller

Can buy $4000 worth max via this Payment mode |

Payment modes :- wise Paypal & Cash Deposit & Cash in Person, Zellepay , Cashapp , Advcash and more !!!

Just ask me here which mode you need transfer !!

I have 5000$ in PayPal FNF I need in USDT or wise what are your rates?

i only can escrow with new users for exchange

You didn’t replied me?

@Faizanahmed i replied you above !!!

Escrow takes fees too?

Hi, I am not in the USA and do not have CashApp. Sometimes, I have buyers in the USA requesting to make payments via CashApp of small amounts from $50-$200.

Are you able to receive these payments for me via USA CashApp then send the payment to me via USDT or PayPal? How much would you charge for this service?


Please drop me dm with your requirements