240k+ Babes Account Top USA

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 240k
Topic/Niche: babes/models
Does it include the OG (original) email?: YES
Promotion methods used: organic, sfs

I am selling my babes Instagram account. It’s currently growing organically about 300+ followers a day but it can grow up to 2-3k a day with SFS. It gets 5k+ likes, 50+ comments, 700+ shares per post with no hashtags, etc. The account would be great for models or female influencers. Message me or comment below for the username.

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Can you pm me the username please

can u pm me username

PMed all.

Why don’t you use hashtags to improve the reach?

can you send me the username please

@Cracked because I used more effective ways to grow it and I currently don’t have time to post anyway.

Can you PM the username please?

Send username pls thank you

PMed all.

pm handle

I’m guessing you mean SFS like you previously stated?

Is your price fixed?

Name ?

pm handle!

PMed all.

Handle please

Handle please

Already in an open ticket.