250k+ High REACH Facebook Page

Country of followers (majority): Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Amount of followers: 255,389
Topic/Niche: General
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: Page is of High REACH, All screenshots given below, Page is very good and active, Page has one strike and will expire on June 29… Price is cheap so do give your best offer please

link please and price in mind.

Link please

Pm Check

Check PM, Please

One strike? lol, there are four there and those will take exactly 1 year to be removed from the date you received them.

Clearly see what’s written there, strike is only one and other 3 are false news, these aren’t strikes LOL,

It still effects reach for all posts, and also takes 365 days to be removed from page quality.

I have shared already the screenshots of the page reached, Nothing has effected

Hi , can you send me page link and also price?


Check PM please

Page link and info please

Check PM Please

Did you check out the page? I PMed you,

Bump, available still with low price

Link detail plz

Check PM, Page is active and price is less with best offer

Please, check your PM…

Bump… Still available

Still Available, low price