282k fashion instagram for sale



Buyer needs to cover half of swapd fees (5%) and I’ll cover the other half

Country of followers (majority): USA, then Mexico, Brazil, Germany and the UK
Amount of followers: 282,000
Topic/Niche: Fashion / Style
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): mainly organic, did some S4S in the first few months of the account but all been organic for atleast the last year and a half

Description: I’m selling an instagram account based around fashion / style posts, I made it in January 2016 and just no longer have time to manage it so I’m wanting to sell it.

Engagement is a bit lower than it was a few months ago but that’s because I’ve been posting less so you would be able to bring it back up.

I put $2000 but price is negotiable - though I’m not sure how negotiable. I just want to get what I think is worth my account :slight_smile: minimum I’ll go down to is 1900 or 1850


hi please pm the name! thanks!


Could you PM me the name?


Pm account handle please


Hi, I am interested in purchasing now. Please PM me the Handle. Looking to move forward asap.


Interested in purchasing immediately. Please send the name through PM


Send me the link. thanks


PM me details please. interested




send me the lin plz


Send username pls


Handle plz


username or link pls


Please pm me the account name.



Link please


I’m bringing the price to $1750 now


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SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD!